Hello. And Assalamualaikum

Happy ((belated)) Birthday dear Self :)
So yeah I'm finally 17.
Like the past years, my birthday is well, a bit dull.
Except Abah brought us to Four Seasons.
And I bought myself (yes, I bought myself a present, how pathetic) Midnight Memories The Ultimate Edition cus I'm one hell of a Directioner lol okay
I thought of grabbing some books at Popular but, no interesting titles. There were Sophie Kinsella's and Cecelia Ahern's but I haven't finished a list of books which stopped me from buying those novels. Besides, I got plenty of time so Popular, I'll have a date with you next time lol.

Sooooo, here is an Appreciation post for those who wished.
Thank you Ezam, Azilah and Haida for being among the first ones.
Thank you Mynn, Yaya, Masdiyana, Emy, Anis Alysha, Itty, Meera, Dayah, Atieq, and Ephy :)
Thanks you Hanira Mashkor for the special birthday wish. Do know I am blessed to have a friend like you. Stay pritz and awesome baby girl :)
Thank you Amirul Adha for the serenade. Unexpected really. And you kinda made my birthday a lot more, delightful :)
Thank you Adib Ashman for the serenade in French and for treating me like a Birthday Girl should be treated lol
Thank you Fairuz Baharuddin for remembering cus seriously, I never expect that haha
Thank you Syafiq for being ALMOST the last,
Thank you Afiq Zainuddin, Yatee and Lysh for being the last.
Thank you Aliff Syukri and Fit for the first belated wish hahahaha
Thank you the Anon at Ask.Fm. Show yourself please?

Thank you to those who wished throughout Facebook and Twitter.
Thank you my beloved family for remembering my birthday. Always :)

May Allah bless you guys. 

Yeah so, I guess I have nothing more to say. Oh yeah,

Happy Birthday, Nur Adina Ammyza. Grow up. Be a mature person. Be a good muslimah. Be good in everything. 

Ameyza xx