Hello. Assalamualaikum. 

Everyone asked,

"Kau buat ape je time cuti ni? Kerja?"

So, how did I spend my holiday and how I plan to spend my holiday:

1. Read. Read. Read. I have a bunch of novels in my reading list. So far, I've finished John Green's The Fault In Our Stars which is superbly goooooood and I really can't wait to see the movie. Now, I am reading Inferno by Dan Brown, which is a gift from my sister.And FYI, my collection of Robert Langdon's Adventure Series by Dan Brown is completeeeee (so far la cus there's no news about Mr. Brown writing another book featuring RL)

2. Driving license
Went through 5 hours of KPP class which was a pure torture. Tgh tunggu call from the akedemi memandu regarding the ujian berkomputer. Then I'll get my L. Then, one month of driving class then driving test than lesen P yeayerzzzzz.

3. Work. Tolong mama kat kedai, maybe? 

4. Procrastinating. 

Okay so that's all. Boi people. Loavh yaaaa

Ameyza xoxo